A Short History
Who We Are
Shults Media Relations, LLC  Jim Shults, Manager -- came about after Jim realized advertising simply wasn’t as effective as it was just 10 years ago.  It’s a fact: in today’s overall media clutter it’s a challenge for you to just get your message out, let alone get it seen or heard. We can help!
What experience?  Jim has over 25 years of experience heading up five nationally and internationally distributed large-circulation magazines as either the editor or publisher.  Jim also put his knowledge of direct and indirect sales and marketing to use as advertising director and PR director for some of these same publications as he was more efficient than so-called advertising marketing firms.  
Been there done that.
In the position of publisher/editor Jim received thousands of press releases and was on the receiving end of hundreds of different types of promotions and programs.  Bottom line, Jim has an excellent handle on what works and what doesn’t in today’s media packed world.  Jim’s experience means if you’re after aggressive and affordable promotion;  you’ll get it here.  
Time to advance.  Jim decided to move his knowledge and extensive contact base into the PR arena. As the owner of a large New York PR firm said “Jim, you have been doing efficient PR for the last 25 years, you might as well get paid for it.”
Partnering.  As mentioned earlier, our associate staff of experts strength is simple and powerful.  For example if we need a website designer, we have several around the world that are incredibly experienced and we use them as contract labor to get the best job done for you and that cost is all a part of our agreement unless agreed on otherwise. This allows us to pick from the best for you without the extreme cost involved if they were full-time employees.
Lean and mean.  We don’t operate out of a 25th-fifth floor high-dollar office in some big city.  Rather, we operate a cut-to-the-chase, highly integrated and effective operation from an area of the country where we love to live.  
With today’s communication capabilities as well as our worldwide contacts, associates, and relationships, we can operate from anywhere and do a superior job for our clients—and that’s just what we do.  
Advertising?  Sure.  We are highly-innovative in designing and placing effective paid media if a client so wishes, after all, we sold it for 25 years.  
We only deal with a few clients at any time and they are generally referred to us by friends and business associates.  Limiting our client base won’t make us rich, but it allows Jim and our best people, not college interns, to work directly with our clients. We know your time and money are valuable and you expect first-class service and results, and that’s what you’ll get.  
No tap dancing here!  With us you get aggressive, no, you get very aggressive service and hard work because we are after results for our clients because we really do care.  
Bottom line: When you couple experience, hard work, aggressiveness, with knowledge, innovation,  contacts and reasonable rates, you get Shults Media Relations, LLC.  
                  Please contact us at  greatstuff@acsol.net